My Favourite Animations

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Hey guys l just want to show you some of my favourite animations. I really enjoy them for all different reasons. I think They are all awesome in different ways.


Lego MOC Of The Week!

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Hey guys this weeks MOC Of The Week is this Seterra ship! It is quite big with tonnes of detail and it is cool to look at.

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So l hope you like this MOC and it was made by a guy called Thomas Haas on Mocpages!

MrLegoMan940 Interview

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Hello people, in this post I will be showing you an interview from MrLegoMan940!

What or Who inspired you to collect LEGO?

legoboy12345678 and michaelmgf

When did you first hear about LEGO?

My friends told me about it and eventually I started to like it

Do you have any future plans?

I am currently working on a new stop-motion

MrLegoMan940 first started his channel on the 16 April 2011, nearly six months ago.

He has recently confirmed that he will no longer be accepting Sub4Sub’s as he would like to earn them.

Please look out for videos for MrLegoMan940 in the future.

A part 2 on his interview will be coming soon.

EnvelopeCrease Interview

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Hey guys today l will be interviewing EnvelopeCrease from YouTube. P.S I will be away the next couple of days so no posts or videos.

1)Who inspires you to do animation? I started animating with some of my friends. Together we had a large collection of Legos and brickfilming was fun and new. I’ve always loved photography, so brickfilming combines my interests in Legos and cameras.

2) Why is Lego so fun? Infinite possibilities! Legos are also durable and easy to use. I used to like Knex, but it was too frustrating to build with.


3) Does Lego effect your everyday life? No. It’s a hobby that I mainly just post on Youtube and Flickr. I would love to go to a Lego convention though, as I have never been to one before.


4) What do you wish to pursue in the Lego Community? I want to become a great brickfilmer, and get others to make good videos too!

Lego Australian MOCS

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Hey guys this is this weeks Moc of the week! This week l picked some of my favourite Aussie idol MOCS. Please tell me what you think!

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Hey guys l wanna say a big thanks to my subscribers and fans!  Only 31 more subscribers and l hit 200 SUBS!!!!!!!!! So thanks again guys

Moc Of The Week

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Hey guys Heres your MOC of the week! This Moc is really cool and has lots of detail! And also guys l would really appreciate if you come to my site reguarly.